For your party or transportation needs, Limousine Pittsburgh surely has the right limo bus for you. No event is too small or too big that we cannot handle. Plus, we can tailor-fit the design of the interior of the limo bus to meet your requirements. Limousine Pittsburgh - your hassle-free and luxurious limo bus partner.

Here are some of the questions from our clients and our corresponding answers:

Can you drink on the vehicles?
Yes, you can drink on our buses and limos. We do not supply you with alcohol. If there are those who are under 21 years of age, there cannot be any alcohol on board.
Can the reservation be cancelled?
Do to the nature of our business, your reservation cannot be cancelled. Once you have reserved your time, you are required to still pay whether you use it or not. Depending on the availability, you might be able to upgrade or downgrade vehicles or make it earlier or later on the day of your reservation.
What are your pricing packages?
We have hourly or daily rates. Depending on your requirements. We can also arrange special rates especially for fund raising events and other cause-oriented events.
Can minors come on board?
Yes they can! We are great for birthday party's, sweet 16's, school dances and more. If there are minors present, there can't be any alcohol on the vehicles.
Where will the limo bus bring me?
Our buses can take you around Pittsburgh. We can even bring you to any area around Pennsylvania, depending on prior arrangements and availability of our buses.
Do you provide chauffeurs?
Yes, our limo buses are handled by professional and highly-trained drivers who know their way around Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania.
What is included inside the bus?
Our buses are well-designed and are equipped with LCD televisions, surround sound system, comfortable leather seats, state-of-the-art lighting system, and various outlets for gadgets and mobile phones.
Are food and drinks provided for free?
No, Limousine Pittsburgh does not provide free food and drinks. We only provide a mini-bar where you can place your food and drinks. We also provide drinking cups and some utensils for your dining needs.
Can I bring and eat my food inside your bus?
Yes, you can bring your food inside the bus. We only ask that you don't spill your food or drinks on our carpeted floors. If there is a significant mess, you may be charged a cleaning fee.
Can I smoke inside the bus?
For your safety and the safety of our buses, we do not allow smoking inside the bus. That way everyone can enjoy the buses and no one is bothered by the smell. You do have unlimited stops, so you can take a smoke break when needed.
How do I book a limo bus?
Give us a call first to check the availability of our buses and then we will get started on reserving a vehicle for your event.

For more questions and inquiries, a free quote or to book your reservation call us 24 hours a day at 412-453-3222. Some of our partners from different areas outside of Pittsburgh are the following areas: Detroit Area, Chicago Area, NYC Area, and Charlotte Area.