Limousine Pittsburgh is dedicated to providing only the quality service that our clients deserve. Since our inception, we have always been excellently meeting and even surpassing the expectations of our customers. Our prices are tailored to meet the growing demands of our customers and are programmed depending on the type of services that the client wants.

And while hiring Limousine Pittsburgh for your party of transportation needs may be a little bit costly compared to taking a cab, the comfort, style, and luxury that you will get inside our limo buses are beyond comparison. Can you stand up and dance inside a taxi? Can you stretch out, sing out loud, chat and laugh with friends, drink wine and munch on food, or listen to a selection of hundreds of songs while inside a cab?

Limousine Pittsburgh provides comfort, style, and luxury to every clients and we transform every party - birthday, stag, games, etc. - into a memorable and fun event that will surely linger in the memories of your friends and guests for years.

Our rates vary depending on your requirements. We can change the interior design of our limo buses, alter the lighting system and seating arrangements, and create an atmosphere that is truly unique to your party mood. Please give us a call to determine your requirements and the corresponding rates.

One thing we can assure to you is that we have the most affordable and reasonable rates in the entire Pittsburgh area. Compare us with other companies providing the same services and you will surely see the difference.

Give us a call now! Our friendly customer service staff are standing by to answer your questions.

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