Pittsburgh is a city who loves its' sports. So much, in fact, that they've won the 'Sporting News' title of "Best Sports City in the United States". That's quite the accomplishment, if you ask us! It shows that the citizens of Pittsburgh know how to enjoy some friendly competition with their favorite sports teams. You're going to love the craziness that ensues when a sports game is on in Pittsburgh, as the sports bars get filled up and the streets get busy with activity. You'll find that the whole city is transformed when a game is on, and that makes for a great platform to watch some sports.

Pittsburgh sporting events are always tons of fun! There's the smell of competition in the air, fresh hot dogs being served throughout the stands, cold beer to be enjoyed, and a full game for you to watch. There's nothing better than gathering with all of the sports fans of Pittsburgh to unite with one common goal; to see your team win the game. You're sure to have the time of your life when you go to a live sporting event in Pittsburgh, especially if you happen to have the right kind of transportation!

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